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Project Description

About “Arevik” Armenia Center: The center of children and adults with disabilities (mental and physical) established 13 years ago in Aleppo has been forced to shut its doors due to the danger of the ongoing war in Syria. Children and adults with disabilities of “Arevik” Center who have escaped the destruction of the Syrian war have once again been given the opportunity to enjoy the center’s ongoing activities, this time within “Aleppo” CCO’s safe walls since October 2014. Currently, ten children and adults with disabilities receive (free of charge) education and care, therapy treatments and psychological support by the dedicated group of teachers and staff at the center. However, to sustain the center’s vitality and performance efficiency, “Aleppo” CCO continuously seeks lasting solutions and support, as it entirely runs on temporary sponsorships, grant funding and raised funds through collaborative efforts by “Aleppo” CCO.

4-month Project “Better Environment for Refugee Syrian Children and Adults with Disabilities” for Arevik Armenia Center

This New Project was Funded by the US Embassy of America in Yerevan

The major goal is that all children and adults with disabilities benefit from adequate facilities and appropriate support to ensure they receive relevant care, physical and mental treatment and necessary education.

The project summary: In November 2015, “ALEPPO” Organization received grant funding from the U.S. Government under the Julia Taft Fund for Refugees, to create better environment for Refugee children and adults with disabilities. This 4-month project, which ended in January 2016 was a valuable intervention for a long-term basis, as it enabled access to special therapies and treatments in acceptable conditions and facilities.

Today, due to “Better Environment for Refugee Children and adults with disabilities” project supported by the Julia Taft Fund for Refugees, “Arevik-Armenia” Center has the capacity to ensure favorable conditions for refugee children and adults with disabilities, especially for their spiritual and physical health, self-development, education and integration into the society. The refurbished center serves as an integrated sustainable platform for both Syrian refugees and locals with disabilities for implementation of various social activities to meet their individual needs.

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